Garage Door Repair Services in the St. Louis Area

Having trouble with your garage door or overhead door? Call Magic Garage Doors to take a look. An expert technician will assess the problem and work with you on the appropriate course of action, whether that be service, repair, or replacement. The experts at Magic Garage Doors have seen many jobs where the customer was charged for unnecessary add-ons or non-existent problems that added cost – and they won’t let that happen to you!

5 Questions and Answers to Help Before Calling A St. Louis Garage Door Service Professional

How often should I service my door?

At least once a year is recommended, to ensure maximum safety and extended life. Some get by without yearly preventative maintenance for awhile, but it can cost more in the long run. A complete inspection and service of your door and opener keeps things working and helps you avoid common problems that occur by neglect.

The motor on my garage door opener sounds like it is running, but nothing is moving. What could be the problem?

If you have a Sears Craftsman, Chamberlain, or Liftmaster, opener, the gears inside of the motor head may be worn out or stripped. If you have a Genie Screw Drive opener, the trolley may be worn out or stripped. You may need to have your gears or trolley replaced. Sometimes a complete service of your door and opener is recommended.

I pressed the button to put my garage door down and all of a sudden it went crazy! One side is a foot higher than the other, rollers are coming out of the track, and it will not budge. What in the world happened to my garage door?

The most probable cause for this is the door was obstructed when closing. It may have caught on one side which causes the cable on your door to come off the drum (pulley). Sometimes the cable has  broken. This can be very dangerous! DO NOT try to move the door. DO NOT try taking off any brackets. DO NOT try putting any rollers back in. Doing so could result in further DAMAGE to the door and SEVERE injury to yourself. You might handle some door problems yourself, but it’s wise to know when you shouldn’t. Call a trusted and reputable pro who has built a name for himself with St Louis garage door customers. You’ll get fixed up in no time.

Everything opens fine if I use the button on the wall, but not with my garage door opener remote. What should I do?

After you’ve double-checked that the battery in the garage door opener remote is fine and it still doesn’t work, you probably just need a new remote. Some models can be purchased at home centers, but problems often arise since universal-type openers are often not designed for your specific model. You’re likely to save some time and trouble by consulting first with a service technician on this one.

My garage door won’t close all the way – or only closes when I hold the button down. What should I do?

Check to see if the lenses of the sensors are dirty. There could be something blocking them such as a broom or even leaves. If that’s the case, it might be something you can take care of without assistance. Sometimes it’s a different problem with the safety sensors. They might not be aligned properly, or need replacing. Look for an obstruction first if you can find one, and clearing it before trying again.

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